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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Secrets to Slowing Aging

“It is all in the state of mind.” That is what I thought first when I am telling myself that I will not be affected with aging. And indeed, it is a helping factor but there are more additionals that I need to consider in order to fight aging.

Exercise is the topmost way to fight aging. Engaging in a physical activity stimulates the connections between neurons, and it is juicing the brain's circuitry which makes the cells always on the go, making us looking younger and healthier. In fact, there are always that pleasures one can get out from exercising. It is the contentment of the feeling of being happy and healthy that satisfy the soul and that make everything in good function and activation of the mind.

Furthermore, exercise stimulates circulation which bathes brain cells in oxygen, "feeding" them to keep them young. This reveals that exercise causes the growth of new brain cells in the part of the brain that controls memory.

Moreover, the only way to boost oneself and get out from the negative infliction of aging is to quit smoking. It is the chemical that contains in the cigarette that destroys the brain to absorb and retain information, leading it to damage the neurons causing to lose memory which activates poor concentration of the person. Furthermore, smoking can also cause to accelerate the increase existence of wrinkles that makes the face to be sagged. Therefore, smoking should be stopped if we do care to save our health and our lives from aging.

It is best to protect the protective layer of what makes us whole, our skin. Through applying lotions with SPF 30 or with higher in content of that, this will save our skin from the excruciating heat from the sun’s UV rays which could damage our skin. The sun is not that friendly to our skin. Too much exposure from the sun’s heat damages our skin which makes our skin looks as if we are already in our 60s or 70s.

The most essential thing as well is to have more sleep. A person should sleep at least 8 hours or more so that he can have a perfect skin. Go away from the dangers given by stress and do not let stress take place in your perspective. Studies have found out that people who routinely cut back on sleep are more likely to be overweight and have other resulting health problems than those who get seven to eight hours of sleep a night.

Avoiding aging is always on the state of mind and on how one preserves to direct one’s health into active and disciplinary actions that always embraces and prioritizes health as first. There are ways to improve one’s health and to uplift the things that life leads to a chance of making things appear worthwhile, it is always a must to be healthy and be happy. Fight aging as much as possible to stay healthy and happier everyday.


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  2. Technically you can't really fight or avoid aging; it's inevitable. But we do can minimize the effects brought by aging. Exercise is truly an effective way to be energized.

    Nice blog! More updates please! :)